Monday, March 28, 2016

Mesa Racer 1.1

Enjoy pure exhilaration in Mesa Racer 1.1 as you zip through narrow slot canyons that meander along a stunning and epic mesa biome. This map uses the new Elytra in Minecraft 1.9. Race against the clock or your friends to see who can find the fastest route and finish the amp first! Easy to learn, difficult to master!

DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE - Just wait a few seconds and click "Skip" in the upper right corner.

The Mesa Racer 1.1 update introduces new fun features, giving the original map you know and love a longer play-time while making it more difficult to master. Can you collect the emeralds without slowing down? Will you find all of the secret items and entities? Or if you prefer, just enjoy the views of stratigraphy in majestic canyons as you and your friends strive for the title of Mesa Racer 1.1 Champion! Required time for this title is 25 seconds or less, with any emeralds as a bonus.

*Updated with new Easter Eggs and minor fixes!
  • Collect up to 5 emeralds by flying in the right spots as you speed through the course!
  • Explore to find the hidden diamond and other mystery items tucked into the depths of the map.
  • Secret entities can be spawned in two locations.
  • Added an OP expert racing potion for the fearless and clever.
  • Removed some unnecessary regions to reduce the overall file size (from 5.3 to 3.87 MB)
  • Same stunning terrain in the beautiful Mesa biome!

Just wait a few seconds and click "Skip" in the upper right corner. Happy Gliding!

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