Although many of these maps are made with a considerable investment of my time and using advanced graphical manipulation techniques, I have always believed in free and open-source software and have never considered trying to sell any of my Minecraft maps. The only hint at revenue that I get from these maps is the $0.002 or less that I get each time someone clicks my download link. Even with thousands of downloads, this amounts to a few dollars at best.

If you're on this blog, it is because you know a good Minecraft map when you see one and you were curious about what other maps I've made. I'm glad that you're interested in my work, and I welcome you to download all of my maps and tell your friends about them! While I will continue to offer free maps indefinitely, the frequency and complexity of these maps are directly related to the amount of time I have to invest. Without a steady source of income from these maps, I am forced to dedicate much of my time to making money elsewhere.

The best way that you can support me and ensure that I continue to make high-quality maps is to donate to the cause. You can donate any amount of your choosing directly to my PayPal account by clicking this link:

It is safe and secure, quick and easy! I would simply be honored if anyone appreciated my work enough to make a donation. You will get a place of regard as one of the supporting members of Mapping Minecraft listed below, as well as a special bonus reward! Thanks in advance, and I hope you enjoy playing all of my maps!

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Tux thanks you!

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