Monday, March 28, 2016

Mesa Racer 1.1

Enjoy pure exhilaration in Mesa Racer 1.1 as you zip through narrow slot canyons that meander along a stunning and epic mesa biome. This map uses the new Elytra in Minecraft 1.9. Race against the clock or your friends to see who can find the fastest route and finish the amp first! Easy to learn, difficult to master!

DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE - Just wait a few seconds and click "Skip" in the upper right corner.

The Mesa Racer 1.1 update introduces new fun features, giving the original map you know and love a longer play-time while making it more difficult to master. Can you collect the emeralds without slowing down? Will you find all of the secret items and entities? Or if you prefer, just enjoy the views of stratigraphy in majestic canyons as you and your friends strive for the title of Mesa Racer 1.1 Champion! Required time for this title is 25 seconds or less, with any emeralds as a bonus.

*Updated with new Easter Eggs and minor fixes!
  • Collect up to 5 emeralds by flying in the right spots as you speed through the course!
  • Explore to find the hidden diamond and other mystery items tucked into the depths of the map.
  • Secret entities can be spawned in two locations.
  • Added an OP expert racing potion for the fearless and clever.
  • Removed some unnecessary regions to reduce the overall file size (from 5.3 to 3.87 MB)
  • Same stunning terrain in the beautiful Mesa biome!

Just wait a few seconds and click "Skip" in the upper right corner. Happy Gliding!

Sky Fighter 1.1

From the creator of the widely-popular Mesa Racer minigame comes a new and exciting way to experience PVP – Sky Fighter 1.1! Enjoy free movement in all six directions with an awesome new flying machine. Square head-to-head with friends and see who can last the longest! A wealth of weapons, features, and strategies makes this truly a challenge to master. There has never been a fighting game quite like this before!

DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE - Just wait a few seconds and click 'skip' in the upper right corner

    • Sleek, minimalist design to reduce lagg and increase freedom of motion
    • Fly in all six directions with precisely controllable ship
    • Heavily enchanted diamond armor ensures exciting battles
    • Explosive SnowFireBalls let you wreak havoc from afar
    • Place TNT at the right time and place for a quick kill
    • Be a sniper with a full stack of arrows and 10 specially-tipped rounds
    • Shield and wooden sword for skill-based close combat
    • Golden Apple and two Ender Pearls for emergencies
    • Elytra option for a gliding attacks or last-second bails

    • Chaser – Aggressively chase and overtake opponent using speed and proximity
    • Bomber – Rapidly gain height and drop TNT on opponent for an easy win
    • Archer – Rely on persistence and accuracy to defeat your opponent with arrows
    • Terminator – Use SnowFireBall explosions to kill or knock your opponent into the void
    • Trickster – Force your opponent's ship to malfunction and send them into the void
    • Saboteur – Disable your opponent and their ship with TNT and escape on your ship
    • Dodger – Gracefully avoid your opponent's attacks until they use up their ammo
    • Defender – Master the shield to deflect attacks and stand your ground defiantly
    • Sprinter – Use anticipation and speed to evade your opponent until they make a mistake
    • Glider – Gain height, trade your chestplate for an elytra, and glide in for the attack!

Using a combination of free and agile movements, carefully planned ammunition allocation, and deadly accurate attacks, you can battle your friends to see who will be crowned the greatest Sky Fighter! The movement of the ship is controlled by walking, jumping, and toggling levers. Upon spawning, you will be on a platform with information about how to play and what ammunition you will receive. It may take a few tries to get used to the movement while also fighting, but once you master this new motion you will never view Minecraft PVP the same way again!

This game is designed for 2-5 people, although it is still possible to use the ships in singleplayer mode. More than 5 people could play simultaneously with a little coordination, you just need to move the ships from where they spawn. There are additionally a few Easter-Eggs and a secret game mode that can be unlocked with a little effort. A scoreboard keeps track of how many times each player has died, and can be reset along with the battle arena by stepping on a pressure plate near spawn.

DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE - Just wait a few seconds and click 'skip' in the upper right corner.

Let me know what you think and what you would like to see in the comments below. See this and my other maps on my website: - May Luck Be With You, Sky Fighter!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Crater Lake, Oregon

Have you ever wondered what it is like to stand on the edge of a real-life volcano surrounded by a deep crater? This is a crazy idea that few people would ever seriously contemplate, but now you can! Using an extremely high-quality 1-meter Digital Elevation Model (DEM), the majestic real-world location of Crater Lake, Oregon has been recreated in stunning realism in this Minecraft World download.

Stand on the rim of the lake and take up the scenic views, soar past the active volcano that is Wizard Island, or explore the depths of the deepest lake in North America! Never before has a map of this scale and accuracy been created in a playable Minecraft environment. Build yourself a log cabin on Wizard Island and enjoy a challenging survival scenario. Enjoy this amazing real-world environment in deadly accurate detail. Let us know of other locations you would like to see transformed into Minecraft!

The Real-World Crater Lake!

DOWNLOAD THE SAVE FILE HERE - The file is hosted on, so just wait a few seconds and click "skip" in the upper right corner to get to the download.

Happy Building!

Monday, March 14, 2016

6-Directional Controllable Flying Machine UFO

This design uses very specific commands and it is critical that the blocks are placed in the right direction and powered in the right way or it will create a broken or runaway machine. For this reason, I am making the world file available for download rather than trying to describe how to build it.


It is hosted on MediaFire, so just wait a few seconds and click "skip" in the upper right corner to download.

The new repeat and chain command blocks in 1.9 offer an exciting new approach to building a teleporting machine. I have devised a way to teleport the player in any of the six directions that they choose at will. It acts as a sort of UFO, able to instantly move up, down, left, right, forwards, or backwards. Better yet, it can be built as large as you want and can contain dispensers and chests, meaning that this design could make for incredible battle ships or just survival moving ships to help you carry more items faster.

Movement in the X and Z directions are managed by 8 command blocks pointing toward the center of the ship. The positive X and Z directions are always active, while the negative X and Z directions only work if the central floor switch is powered. Because of this, it is recommended to leave this central floor switch powered when in motion. To go up, simply power the overhead switch and jump upward. To go down, make sure the overhead switch is off and then toggle the central floor switch off and back on.

The emerald and diamond blocks as well as the chests and redstone lamps are not absolutely critical to the design, but when looking at the ship from below it adds a nice effect. Be aware, because this ship uses the /clone command, it will destroy any blocks that you direct it through. This means that it could also act as a tunneling machine in survival or a griefing machine in some sort of factions or PVP scenario. Look forward to some battle maps using this design soon! If you like this design, be sure to let me know in the comments below!