Saturday, May 14, 2016

Devil's Tower National Monument, Wyoming

Enjoy one of the most magical locations in the wild west, long revered by natives of the area and pioneers passing through! Devil's Tower National Monument in Wyoming is an interesting anomaly on the prairie skyline - it juts up several hundred meters above the grade of the region and has a unique, rounded tower-like shape.

DOWNLOAD THE MAP HERE - Just wait a few seconds and click "skip" in the upper right corner!

Devil's tower is nearly flat on top and is made of basalt - a dark igneous rock that tends to form hexagonal columns when it cools. This is known as columnar jointing, and it is the reason that Devil's Tower looks as it does. The basalt is represented by Andesite in Minecraft, and the scree at the base of the tower is mapped as gravel. The trees and soil are placed in an attempt to honor the actual terrain.

Native Americans have a story of how the tower was formed by a giant bear who was scratching at the rock to try to reach the top. The gouges of his claw marks can be seen both in the real Devil's Tower and in the generated Minecraft Map!

  The scale of Devil's Tower relative to the quality of the DEM for this area means that some vertical exaggeration was necessary in order to approximate the actual dimensions of the Monument. While I have done my best to mimic the look with the material available, an improved version will be made once a higher-resolution elevation model becomes available!

DOWNLOAD THE MAP HERE - Just wait a few seconds and click "skip" in the upper right corner!


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